Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pyjama Party!

OMG! With only minutes UPDATE: hours to spare. Yes, I actually managed to sew these PJs, and my husband is just shaking his head. All for Karen’s Pyjama Party!

2012-04-29 051

In brief!

  1. Copied from an old pair of PJs, but I made them capri length for the summer
  2. Cupcake fabric from Fabricland, poly/cotton (couldn’t find anything else in my limited time without kids) and it’s so thin you can see through it
  3. Just used pyjama elastic, no ribbon (I thought I was running out of time!)
  4. Red tank, WAS a UFO, now has a new lease on life (it’s amazing how the red just matched perfectly with the cupcakes)
  5. And yes, I am actually reading “A Bear Called Paddington” …no kidding! I bought it last year thinking my boys might like it…no such luck, they’re just imps!

2012-04-29 050

Total time to trace old PJs, cut fabric and sew new PJs, was……2 Hours!!!! Freak me out! I can’t believe I’ve never made any before!!

And, they fit pretty well. Can’t ask for anything else.

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