Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Sewing Room Update

Sewing for others has it’s benefits, namely being paid for it! And with the money I earned from the chair and ottoman covers and some other alterations back in September, I immediately put it back in the sewing room, which was really getting out of hand.

The main thing I did was replace the fabric storage with the ever popular EXPEDIT shelving from IKEA. I’ve lost count of how many other sewintists have these shelves! They are absolutely great for folded fabric, considerably deeper than standard book shelves. The tall shelves hold a third of the fabric, and other stuff, the majority of the rest (good stuff) is on the shelves under the window.

2013-12-09 11.13.33

I also decided to get rid of the huge work table I had, which was always half covered with “stuff”. The height of that old table was actually perfect, but I really needed a table to sit at for studying as well. If I really need a higher table for cutting out fabric/tracing patterns I can always use the kitchen counter which is great for that!

The new arrangement is so much nicer and open, there’s no more bumping into furniture or trying to squeeze through. The mirror on the wall, partly behind the door, is now much more visible and usable.


I thought I’d have plenty of storage with the 3 EXPEDIT shelving units (4, 8 and 16 cubes), but there’s still stuff laying on the ironing station and on the floor! (My attempts at making a collage need a lot to be desired!)


And just for the heck of it I did a true panorama shot tonight with the camera in portrait mode – I didn’t think that was even possible. I’m sitting on the ironing station below for this one, and there’s my course materials and laptop.

2014-01-29 17.27.09

The desk sure comes in handy for my studying – just 7 more days left!!! And a whopping big course project due next week. But there on the stool (right) is my next project pinned to Annie, it’s going to be a DVF inspired wrap dress in black.

Well that’s me for now. Once I’m done my course in Digital (Web) Analytics next week I’ve got PLANS for working those poor, neglected machines!! Winking smile


  1. It's so nice to feel organized. I've been working on my room for months! Hopefully I'll reach the point you are at soon.

  2. Love your new updated room! I hope you've gotten a chance to wallow in it!!!

    1. Thanks Carolyn! Soon, very soon, I'll be back in finishing and working on the new pieces. I love your sewing cave too!