Sunday, January 16, 2011

Burda 08-2009-114 Top, or just a muslin!

Back in October I made this top…or rather a muslin for the top. It’s a pretty simple top, a nice variation on the standard T-shirt, with raglan sleeves and an invisible back zipper.


I wore it once, but I kept tugging up at the shoulders to adjust the front so I hung it back up in my sewing room! Even though I had to make some large alterations for my petite frame and forward neck tilt, it still needs some tweaks.

2011-01-28 001   2011-01-28 002

On the left, as it is right now. The front piece is lined, as per the pattern, but it’s too heavy. On the right, I’ve pinched out a good inch at the neck line on each sleeve seam, which brings the front up. Better.

But now that I look at the picture, the pattern seems a bit…busy!! When I bought the fabric I wasn’t totally sure about it. The large circles didn’t seem that bad when I was cutting out the fabric! When my Mum saw it hanging up last week she said “You’re not going to wear that are you?” !!! Hmm, maybe not. Anyone else have any opinions?