Friday, April 25, 2014

How to Remember Serger Settings

How does this happen? Where does time go? Holy cow, next week it’s May already!! At least spring has F I N A L L Y arrived in Ottawa, man it was a long winter.

So, with May comes the Ottawa Race Weekend and I’ve signed up for the 5K again. And for this race I’m sewing some new running gear, which has been on my To Do list for ages.

Four years ago I made the Jalie 2796 Skort, which I always wear in warm weather. It’s great, but I want some funkier stuff. I’ll blog details about this very soon, as I’ve only just started today. But, while I was testing out the various serger stitch settings for the lycra fabric I realized that I already did this for the first skort (same fabric, different colour). Of course, I couldn’t find the stitch samples with my notes. Not surprising since I’ve rearranged my sewing room 3 or 4 times since!

Here’s a pic of what I came up with.

2014-04-25 15.17.17

I used the stitch settings table from the journal pages I did last year, and printed out on card stock, 8 cards to a page in portrait mode. (For some inexplicable reason it displays as landscape in Google Drive even though on my computer it’s portrait. You should be able to change the orientation yourself, I hope!).

Now I can attach the actual stitched fabric samples to the card with all the settings, and the ring keeps them all together. This will be a great reference for when I use the same fabric in the future. And it’ll hang by the machine, so no more hunting.

For anyone interested, here’s a link to the serger stitch settings Excel spreadsheet. And now that I think about it, I can probably put this in a Word document as well. Soon!


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