Friday, March 15, 2013

Burda 09-2010-121 Top – Revisited

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So Google Reader will be no more in 3 months  :(   I am attempting to “claim” my blog at Bloglovin, and as of yet I have NO idea what that means, but it seems important. If anyone knows what this is all about please leave a comment.

And before I go on, thanks for the comments on the buttons for my beignet skirt in the last post. There was a pretty unanimous vote for the swirly ones. After trekking to two Fabricland stores I found enough and some spare. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you this skirt before the end of the week!

Well, back to the main story. Ever since my first post on the Burda top, there has been a steady flow of readers to it from 2 bloggers (that I can see from googling) as they have mentioned it in their post and provided links. I have to say a huge thank you to them for believing that what I wrote made sense! Anyway, even when I wrote the post, I felt that the photos of how I sewed the neck were too small. Last year I started to add the text to the images, and finally republished the post.

2010-10-06 001 - with text

Bigger pictures with text and arrows pointing to key things are so much better! I hope these still make sense to future visitors.

Next post I’ll show you the new Burda top I just finished, and one that’s making the rounds. (I needed a quick fix from the beignet!)

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