Friday, May 11, 2012

PR One Yard Challenge – Sorbetto #2

Why make one when you can make two? I LOVE this pattern! And here it is, the second Sorbetto.

2012-05-09 001

2012-05-09 002

For this top I easily had enough to make the center front pleat, but like my first one I had to overlap the selvedge sides over the middle and cut out each piece separately where the overlap was. The pieces also were cut out going in opposite directions, luckily this print is not directional. This piece of fabric was 45 inches wide and 34 inches long, some kind of polyester, and the binding was made from some leftover rayon bemberg lining that had been made 2 inches wide for another project; it’s a lot wider than what the pattern called for, and it’s folded over about 5/8 inch. It was a bit tricky getting it to lay flat, but I just pressed and steamed it hard!

After the purple one I decided I had to make a muslin and get the fit right, there were a couple of things that needed tweaking. Many pinnings later I got down to this (pic 4 is the 2nd muslin, had a hell of a time getting a good back shot, but it looked pretty smooth):

Colette Sorbetto muslin #1 Colette Sorbetto muslin #1 Colette Sorbetto muslin #1 Colette Sorbetto muslin #2

The small darts on the neckline of muslin #1, front and back, were moved to a center dart instead, where I just trimmed off a *very* narrow wedge all the way down to the hem. The back neckline could still do with a *tiny* dart, and Darrell at Darrell Thomas Textiles told me to just pinch out the dart on the paper pattern and leave it at that. It works every time apparently, so I’m doing that on the next one which was cut out this morning! Can’t stop now!!


  1. What a pretty print! And how nice to eek a lovely summer top out of just a small bit of it.

  2. Thanks! It's bold, for me anyway, but I like it! In fact I went back for more, enough for a blouse if only I can get the new Jalie pattern to fit right! Getting the pattern pieces to fit on the fabric was like doing a puzzle, and I'm so glad I got the pleat on this one.