Friday, May 18, 2012

New Goodies! Patterns and Dreams

Since I’ve been buying the Burda Style magazine on a monthly basis, I’ve not bothered much with patterns. That is, until now. I’d been adding more patterns to my wish list on PR, but it took their last $6.99 Vogue sale to push me over the edge! 4 patterns later (that’s a lot for me!) I thought I might as well just get the others I’d been wanting!

The Vogue haul:

New patterns, May 2012

The V8146 shift dress is currently being used in Darrell’s dress class at Darrel Thomas, and since I can never get to any class on a weekday supper time I thought I’d work on it myself (and go to see Darrell for fitting help… if needed!)

V8641 is for my Mum, whom I owe some pants (fabric sitting for over a year) and a winter coat (I made a wearable muslin in fleece last fall, unblogged as yet.)

V8646 is for me! I want a knit wrap dress. Last year I also bought Christine Jonson’s wrap dress pattern, so I’ll compare the two and see what I can make first with fabric from stash. I think it might be the Vogue.

V8747. I’ve seen it in the latest issue of threads magazine. Art Attack also made one here, I love that fabric! It looks lovely on everybody else too, so hopefully it will on me!

Oh, and then there’s the Vogue pattern 8648 that came with signing up for the The Couture Dress with Susan Khalje on Craftsy.

Now, the precious…

New patterns, May 2012

I’m sure I don’t have to explain these Colette patterns! Especially the Beignet. Everyone’s version looks fantastic. Just google it and go to the google images, it’s staggering how many have been made. I’m dying to start on one, it’s actually a physical *need*. (I wonder if I can eek out a Beignet from 1m of 150cm wide? I’ll *trrry*!) And the Rooibos just looks so classy, but this will have to wait.

New patterns, May 2012 

The Okashi bag from Paradiso Designs has been in my wish list for years. One day soon, but I’ll have to find fabric for this one. It’s not going to be easy choosing.

Did anybody else see Madalynne’s post on these undies? The pattern looks fun, and with the sewalong on Sarah’s blog it should go pretty smoothly. I hope. Finally, some classy undies!

New patterns, May 2012

These are not all going on my todo list… right away, that is. I’ve got my sewing room to de-clutter first so I can squeeze another table in there from the office, which is being moved to another room where the kids watch TV… oh, it’s a nightmare! A domino effect created by buying a new sofa! Oh man, why do I do this to myself?!

Just dream, and touch the fabric fondly!

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