Thursday, March 15, 2012

The “It’s not easy being Green” Mattress Cover

This mattress cover only took, umm, 1 year to complete!! Aaaand, I finished it only a matter of hours before our friends from out of town came to visit last month over the long weekend!

Last year I was sick of looking at the old mattress on the floor of my boy’s TV room. They use it for jumping on: it is the ONLY piece of ‘furniture’ they’re allowed to do this on. It also comes in handy for Dad to take naps on!

2012-02-17 004

So it’s *green*! And quite soft too. Just a run of the mill mid-weight spandex fleece, it’s sooo stretchy. Fleece on one side, slippery knit/spandex looking on the other, I have no idea what to call it. I found 2 large pieces of this stuff (about 60-70" in long) in the remnant bin at Fabricland; I am a confessed remnant bin raider, I can’t help it.

To keep it from being ripped off, like the old fitted sheet I’d put on and that only lasted minutes, I decided to make this a completely enclosed cover. The bottom is made up of strips of the fleece that frame a large rectangle of some ghastly green poly/cotton in the middle. I had to piece this bugger together from almost 18 bits as the fleece wasn’t big enough in any dimension; and I’d scaled it down 10% all around since this fleece has so much stretch. On the other end by the wall, there are 2 zippers, one 60 in and the other 12 in, that come around each corner by about 6 in or so.

The cover was a really snug fit, and we had a hell of a time getting it on. Or rather, I did, as the kids just had fun when the mattress would fall down on them. The only way I could get this on by myself was to prop it up on its side and wriggle the thing on…which is why it kept falling down!

So, another UFO done! Yeah!!!


  1. An old mattress is a great playroom idea. It's just what kids need. The green looks nice too. I am amazed that you got it on by yourself! The fit is very snug. Looks nice that way though.

    1. I got the idea from a home reno TV show a few years ago, the family had 2 boys as well. It's been a terrific thing for them, and I'm not going to be giving it up anytime soon!