Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Hat for Kids

The pattern for this hat was traced from a RTW hat I bought for Oliver last year, and which he seemed to really like. It’s basic. The outer fabric, as on the original, is a sweater knit (I up-cycled a sweater from Value Village!), and the inside is a lightweight soft fleece. I just decided to add the fringe along the top seam, so it’s kind of like a Mohawk – only now I think it could be a bit longer! (or different colours! the variations!!) There are a lot of pretty cool hand knitted kid’s hats around with great colours and designs.

2012-02-15 002  2012-02-15 003

Thank God I traced the hat last year, as it was quickly lost/misplaced this past fall! (No idea where it went, like the hood on his fall coat. How do kids loose so many items of clothing??!!) And yeah, it was the only hat that still fit him! The good thing about this hat though, is that it’s pretty quick to sew. I’m planning on scanning the pattern piece and putting it up here as a PDF for download. I’d hoped to have done this last month so it would already be available for everyone.

2011-12-12 023

The original hat was constructed so that the back seam was enclosed in the lining, and then both layers were serged together inside along the crown seam (where the fringe is). It looked like a neat way to make it quickly, and I like that the back seams are flat inside so they won’t be bothersome.

Turns out it even fits me! (And it’s actually a bit long over the forehead, I’ll need to change that on the pattern.)

2011-12-12 024

Looking at the way it sits on the head, I can see where some minor adjustments can be done. The ear flaps stick out from the head, when they should lie snuggly on the ear as it did on the original. And the crown is a bit too high, and the seam doesn’t come down far enough on the front and back; it seems to stick out a bit at each end. The fringe doesn’t help this though, there are 8 layers along the crown seam. Check out how high the presser foot is above the footplate!

2011-12-12 021

It also just occurred to me that a pattern for this hat might actually be made with just head measurements. When Oliver gets home from school I’ll have to measure his head and compare to the pattern. Hopefully it won’t take long to test out on a bit of fleece.


  1. What a fun hat with the fringe! We tend to lose gloves around here. Can't say I want to try sewing kids gloves though, lol!

    1. I agree! Far too fiddly. I started to sew my own gloves from a Threads article, but gave up on the first glove. I'd forgotten all about those gloves...yet another UFO in the sewing room.