Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting into sewing mode…

Having a definite plan sure got me moving! My sewing room hadn’t seen much action since my jeans, which should be complete in the near future when my eBay purchase arrives – more on that in a bit. In the meantime, things sort of got left there, on the table, the ironing board, and before I knew it there was no room to do anything.

So, one night after I decided on the RTW Tailoring Sewalong, I dived right in, in my usual kamikaze way, and spent several hours decluttering and reorganizing the sewing room. The layout is working so much better now, and placing the ironing board right beside the sewing machines makes so much sense (I read that tip somewhere, don’t remember where though.)


It’s still a little bit cramped, but it’s really workable. Eventually I’ll put in a clothes rod (in a little nook that’s not visible in the photos) to hang up all the UFOs ongoing projects. The peg board has been in my sewing room for over a year, but I’ve not figured out how to really use it yet, I guess I’ll just have to start! But one day I will do the ultimate: build a work table with storage underneath. That would be absolutely fantastic!!!

And now I’m ready to get cracking on my jacket! I changed my mind on the patterns, I’ve decided on Burda 02/2011 #109, but without the ribbon edging.

image image

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