Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy but quiet!

I'm back! It's been quiet for a while on the blog, but I have been doing some sewing. Last November I started the Jeans class on PR with Jennifer Sterns, and it was fantastic. I managed to get the jeans finished up to the point of the buttonhole, but my sewing machine doesn't do keyhole buttonholes. Then one day while reading on PR I read about Greist buttonholers and started searching on eBay this weekend to see if I can get one.
That last top I made is still on a hanger, and it'll probably stay there forever for a while. I'm not super happy with it (yep, it's the fabric!), and need something else to inspire me. The recent Burda Style magazines haven't lifted my mood much either, and the last Burda turtlenecks I made now seem a bit droopier than I want (again, the fabric choice probably wasn't the best).
Lately, the idea of going back to work is beginning to take shape. When our 2nd son was born almost 4 years ago I said that I would like to go back to work when he starts school, but I'd rather do something part-time; unfortunately I'm not sure how many part-time jobs exist in software development! I'd love to work again for my last employer but they were hit hard by the recession and are still quite a ways from having enough work for me. And then it dawned on me that I'll have to start all over again...I'd have to totally revamp my resume, research companies and jobs and do interviews again. Not my favourite thing, as I was fortunate enough to have landed my last 5 jobs through referrals.

With all this on my mind, I realized that I will need new work clothes, and specifically something to wear to an interview! Then it clicked, the main reason I’ve been in the doldrums is that I didn’t have a plan. So, I searched the book store and found a book, Fashion for Dummies, then hit the library and got out a bunch of books on the same topic, primarily putting together a core/basic wardrobe. The skirt pattern in the Feb Burda looks promising, #107.


Then I read Sherry's blog and her new RTW Tailoring Sewalong couldn't have been better timed! I just need to decide on the pattern and get the muslin started. I'm not worried about the fabric, I'll find something for sure at Darrell Thomas or C&M. This is just what I needed, I'm feeling inspired, and best of all I've got a plan started for making the core wardrobe that will keep me busy and focussed for a couple of months. All my ideas are going in an Office OneNote document, it's such a neat tool for saving all kinds of things: thoughts, links and pics.

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