Monday, December 20, 2010

More Burda 09-2010-121 Turtlenecks

Yes, just like everyone else I couldn’t resist making more tops with this pattern!! They’re so simple to make and the top is great as a layer. It’s just the damn fabric I’m always drawn to, it’s *very* slinky cotton jersey (or rayon, I forget!), and handling the stuff is a pain in the neck. To make matters even harder for myself, I only bought 1.0 m of each colour, which is way not enough according to the pattern, but I managed to **squeeze** the top out of it by placing each pattern piece separately, including each sleeve. I think it took more time to cut out then to sew together!!


The colours are vivid, but they’re fun to wear. I’ll probably make more some time, but I did these to take a break from sewing the jeans I started with the PatternReview Jeans course with Jennifer Stern. More on that later.

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