Monday, October 25, 2010

More Kid's Undies

After the first pair of undies I couldn’t resist making more last winter. The black/bugs pair is the same size as the orange, but the fabrics are different and so don’t fit the same. The red cotton/spandex is heavier than the brown and is much tighter on the leg openings. My O (that’s DS1 in other lingo) couldn’t wear those, but he loved the orange pairs; the orange fabric is a double knit cotton from Wazoodle and is super soft. And now that H (my little one!) is 3 and out of diapers, he can have these…but he’s the really fussy one when it comes to clothes!

kids undies, orange and bugs! 2010-04-29 002

I might make more, but I need to find the right fabrics for the leg opening. I’ve got lots of the blue/bug fabric (also from Wazoodle), and don’t know what else I’d use it for! The black fabric is actually from an old T-shirt; I’ve been trying to reuse old garments for these undies!

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