Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer Pyjamas

At last! They're done...only took 3 years! These are the third pair of summer pyjamas I'd cut out for my older boy, right before my 2nd boy was born. Things got busy...I made 2 pairs before the birth, now this pair is for DS2!! And as luck would have it, red is his favourite colour.

This is KwikSew 3034. The other 2 pairs I made were great for DS1, and he liked the fact that they don't have bands on the bottom of the sleeves and pants. (He still refuses to wear pyjamas with bands.) The fabric is a soft, lightweight cotton jersey that I got from Wazoodle.

This pattern is great, it sews up really fast with a serger, including the waist elastic on the pants. The back of the neckband has a piece of navy cotton jersey covering the seam, like what you find on a lot of RTW tops. I've done this on a few tops now and love the way it finishes off the seam. The hems (and waistband finish) have been done using a triple cover stitch, which was not recommended for lightweight knits (according to my machine). After doing several trials of tweaking with the tensions I found a combination that doesn't look too bad. I sewed it on the wrong side so the looper thread is on the right side, mimicking the stitch you find on many RTW sports wear.

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