Monday, August 2, 2010

Burda 05-2010-105 dress

I haven't posted in ages because I haven't been able to do any real sewing until last week! And I've just finished my first dress in years! It's a great dress; sews up really quickly, and it's very comfortable. I was going to use this fabric for something else, but when I saw the reviews on this pattern I knew this was the best.

The fabric is a fine cotton lycra jersey. I added a lining under the skirt, as one of the other reviewers suggested, and it turned out pretty well. I was a bit concerned that it might add some bulk around the waist, which I don't need! When I sewed the lining, I made it a bit narrower at the waist, and just stretched it when I sewed it to the garment.

I'm flying out with the boys to visit my sister and her family on Tuesday, and this dress will be so comfortable to wear on the plane. My mum lent me some nice shoes that are so comfortable and are great with this dress.

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