Friday, July 10, 2009

Kwik-Sew Shorts for boys, and Burda!!!!

It's been a GREAT week for sewing!!! I finally discovered Burda WOF!!!! Why didn't I find this amazing magazine earlier? I've been subscribing to Threads for about 14 years, but I've not made a heck of a lot from it; it is though, a fantastic resource for technique. It really felt like Christmas when I opened the BWOF!!! So, I've started to trace Burda 06-2009 #102, and hopefully I'll have enough of my Wazoodle double-knit for a first try. That fabric is soooo soft.

But the main thing this week was to
hem 2 T-shirts for my Mum, and get 3 pairs of shorts done for my eldest son (4 YO), and they didn't cost a cent as they were all made from swag T-shirts. I even incorporated the logos and designs for a more interesting look (I hope!)

The shorts pattern is from Kwik-Sew's Sewing for Children book, which I would now modify by adding about 2 inches to the length; they are a bit on the short side (as you can see when he's lying down - I could actually see his underwear!), but that was probably the fashion when this book was published.

I also traced and sewed a muslin of the v-neck T-shirt pattern
Jalie 2805. And a good thing I did a muslin, as it's uncomfortably snug! (I'm red-faced because of the heat in the room, it's my sewing room and also where the computer is.)

The bust is size T, which I modified by taking out 1/2" for petite sizing in the armscye area. But the underarm seam is right in my armpit. If you wonder about the choice of fabric, it's from a cotton T-shirt that my old company used for testing colour inks for T-shirt printing, and it probably doesn't have as much stretch as it should. (There is also the remaining 10 lbs that I've not lost since having the 2 kids!) I can also see that I'll have to make adjustments for my forward-tilting neck, as the shoulder seam and back neckline sits back too far, and I'll try size U for the bust area and the arms, which are still snug even after slitting the pattern to add 1" to the hem line. Maybe I'll get another muslin done this weekend, or at least traced and fabric cut out.

Next week my goal is to sew 2 pairs of shorts for my husband: Kwik-Sew 3421. I've got some fabric, but he didn't seem too gung-ho about it. Oh well, I've got to start somewhere! More on that next week when I get a bit further on them.

On another note, tomorrow I'm actually going out on a date with my husband! We've hardly gone out in the last 4.75 years, other than our anniversary. It's lunch and a movie, as my Mum is going to be looking after the boys. Luckily for her, the little guy will be napping after lunch so she only has to entertain the big one! I think we're going to see "Up", or "Star Trek" which I'd prefer. Gotta take advantage of seeing a movie on the big screen!

Hope anybody else reading this has a great weekend too.

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