Thursday, June 11, 2009

Projects BK (Before Kids)

While my little guy sleeps, I manage to get a few things done! The last cloth diaper now has velcro, so I can use it! The tomato plants are in a pot, and I got the bread machine started so we'll have something to eat for tomorrow. And since it's a nice day here in Ottawa, finally, I've decided we're having I can do a little net-surfing!!!
I was also looking at old photos of DS1, when I ran across some photos of a quilt that I made at my favourite yarn shop ('cause I also love to knit). It's all trapunto, and I knew NOTHING about this until we had our first class, and were told we'd have quite a lot of homework to do between classes! NO KIDDING! I couldn't believe how much time it would take. I actually did finish and hang it, and I love it; I'm just not sure if I'd ever tackle this kind of thing again.

After 5 weeks of stippling (free-motion stitching) I was physically desperate to just sew a straight line!!!

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