Monday, June 29, 2009

Skirt, Jalie 2681

Finally! I've actually created something for the summer. I've been undecided about skirts, opting for shorts these last few years, but last Wednesday at our neighbourhood playgroup most of the other Mums wore skirts and they looked so cool. So I phoned C&M Textiles, they're the only place I know of in Ottawa that stocks Jalie patterns, and they had it in stock. Next morning a quick jaunt over there to pick it up, then I traced it and cut it out when DS2 was napping after lunch. Friday I cut out the fabric while DS2 napped and watched "Cars" with DS1. On Sunday I started to sew it in the middle of the afternoon after my SIL left, and got most of it done before supper. After the kids were in bed I just finished the waistband and did a quick 2-thread rolled hem.

This fabric is a very lightweight jersey, and it feels like there's some spandex, so I do need to wear the right underwear; but I don't think the bulges are as noticeable as I'd thought (or maybe my DH was being diplomatic about it!)
I'll definitely make this again, it's a
very quick skirt and so comfortable. I only made one alteration for the length; chopped 2 inches off (I'm not quite 5' 2"). I'm still not totally sure about the length though, as my calves seem large; but if it's longer it seems to unbalance me. I'll have to experiment, and I've got lots of knit fabric that I bought just for practising!

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