Tuesday, June 9, 2009


In hindsight, this really was folly! When I was pregnant with my 2nd boy, I made this stuffed chair (McCalls 9665) for my older one. Why would I make this? It only cost about $150!!!! I do love the fabric, it is gorgeous, and he loved it too!And here he is sitting in it, right in front of the TV...doesn't it say everything!

Here's my review for what it's worth!


  1. You did a great job! I have this pattern, but never did get around to making it, and now my girls are too big...

  2. Hi, Stephanie,

    I just found this blog post by Googling "mccall's 9665" and love how your chair turned out! I'm making 3 of these for my niece and nephews, but I'm using polystyrene beads instead of stuffing. Did you end up using the velcro to hold the stuffed pieces together? I'm thinking about using big zippers to keep all of the inside pieces tight together so the kids don't fall back in these so easily.
    Thanks for sharing your work! Looks great!