Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beginning again

I LOVE to sew. When I think of sewing, and fabrics, my mind goes into another state. I forget everything around, and time just stands still. Or so it seems, because I've often found myself up into the wee hours.

The sewing bug started in grade 7 Home Ec, and I spent hours at the sewing table with my Mum. Up i
nto my mid-twenties I made dozens of outfits and single pieces, and several winter coats. Then it kind of tapered off as I became engrossed in my career, the new house, and finally the kids.

I'm trying to get back into sewing garments, for myself and my family of boys. I'm really tired of sewing cloth diapers!!! I had my kids late in life, 39 and 42. My oldest is 4 2/3 YO, and the youngest just turned 2, and I find myself with an almost overwhelming itch to sew something lovely again; it's been such a long time!! I've had a small fabric stash sitting in a box for years, and recently bought a pile of fabric on sale at my local Fabricland; ends/remnants mostly, but I thought I'd start with the basics, and learn to get the fit right! I never did a muslin until last month!!!

I don't remember how I stumbled across the blogs that I've been following here, but it's been so nice to feel that there's a huge community of great sewers out there. Your comments are great too.

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