Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Me-Made-May 2013, Wrap-up

Even though it’s not quite the end of May, I’m going to wrap this up now. When I saw the number of participants in MMM’13 I was amazed! It’s fantastic how it’s growing each year. And for that reason I decided to keep it simple and not post daily pictures…well, that and the fact that I just don’t have many me-made clothes yet.

This month has been an interesting and very useful experiment. I wore me-made things and some thrifted things just about every day. Some of these things were finally fixed or mended! And I did manage to make the 2 new pieces that I pledged this month. I did photograph myself when I wore these, but by the 3rd week I ran out of steam! It was already becoming apparent to me that there were key items missing from my wardrobe, like cardigans and jackets for starters. Bottom pieces too for that matter.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of what I managed.

Week 1:

2013-05-01 002 2013-05-02 001 2013-05-03 001 2013-05-04 004 2013-05-06 003 2013-05-07 002

Week 2:

  • Day 8:  New! Colette Sorbetto #4 (made this month, yet to blog) with my navy thrifted capris
  • Day 10:  Burda 02-2013 #127 – Raglan Top with my Jalie jeans
  • Day 11:  New! 3hourspast BCT #2 (made this month, yet to blog) with my navy thrifted capris
  • Day 14:  copy of FILA top (again) with my black thrifted capris

2013-05-08 001 2013-05-10 002 

2013-05-11 001 2013-05-14 006 

Week 3:

2013-05-16 010 2013-05-17 001

Week 4:

  • Days 22 onwards, basically the same things
  • Day 25:  New! Copy of the FlipBelt (saw it Friday afternoon at the Expo, bought the fabric before dinner, figured out the pattern later that night, and sewed it up before lunch on Saturday. Yes, I’m mad!) It’s Ottawa Race Weekend and at 5:00 PM I was in the 5K. Love this belt! It didn’t budge at all. Definitely need to blog about this.

My copy of the FlipBelt

So, by mid-month I knew what I needed to make, and also had some things to make for my mum. But I’ll tell you more in separate posts, because there was a lot of me-made stuff going on!


  1. Love the casual feel to your wardrobe! You have some great key pieces.

    1. Thanks Mary, it's coming along but oh so slowly. Casual wardrobes are a mainstay of SAHMs!

  2. I really like your Minoru. So much so I think I finally am going to order it.

    1. Thanks eb! I wear the Minoru all the time on cool days. Have you been to the new Fabrications shop on Somerset? They carry Sewaholic patterns too. http://fabricationsottawa.com/

  3. You have some wonderful pieces in your wardrobe and I will be interested to see how you are going to fill the holes that you found!