Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Twin, the Dress Form – Part 3

So I have made some progress on this dress form, but have reached a standstill. Part 3 is basically finished, the two halves are reattached and the exterior padding has been augmented to resemble my shape a bit more! All it needs now is a skin!

2013-02-05 006 2013-02-05 007

This is turning out a bit harder than I thought; to find a fabric to cover the form. The stretchy fleece I had lined up turned out to be to “sticky”; it’s hard to slip something over that stuff. Something more slippery would work better. I even toyed with the idea to make a cover using real muslin. That might be tricky though, as when I’d started to drape it and found myself having to pin out all kinds of darts! Muslin would look superb, but you know,  it lacks stretch.

The inside was put back together by using the same brown paper tape along the sides, and it’s holding pretty well so far.

2013-02-02 005 2013-02-02 004

This is how it looked while waiting to harden, there’s lots of regular elastic holding it together. (It’s also what it looked like before I augmented it with more of the Needlepunch batting. I had to stitch quite a bit more of the batting in place.)

2013-02-02 006

Just for fun, I found a turtle neck top I haven’t worn since finishing (it’s a fail), and slipped it over. It’s not bad, just a bit short and wide. Then I put my Sorbetto top on top to compare the fit, and it’s amazingly close to how it fits on me. The neckline sits pretty well on the front and back.

2013-02-20 09.07.41 2013-02-20 09.08.18

And here’s the telling shot about the bottom edge of the front, look how it sticks out! I know why it does this, and at least it’s a simple fix.

2013-02-20 09.08.50

Part 4 is the stand, and I’m still trying to figure that out. It’s friggin hard to put a skirt on her without one! I can’t wait to get this thing done.

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