Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jalie 2796 Skort

I haven't been keeping up with the blog, but I have managed to do some sewing since last summer, though it's been in dribs and drabs. This Jalie skort caught my eye last year, and I finally made it last month, in time for some unusually warm weather. I made the regular waist height, and it easily covers my belly-button.
I actually did make a muslin for the compression shorts, and found that I needed to make the swayback adjustment; it fitted really nicely after that.

The skirt top layer is a Wazoodle ProCool Wicking Pique, and the compression shorts are a technical wicking fabric that I found at C&M Textiles in Ottawa. You can see the wicking side of the fabric in the interior shot below, it's really soft.

The only thing I did differently from the pattern instructions was to top-stitch the side seams in order to keep them flat (above left), and I cover-stitched the waistband seam too for the same reason.
This skort went together really fast, and I'll definitely make another one with some more fun fabric for the skirt layer.


  1. Please advise if you think this fabric could be easily sewn with a regular machine (zig zag stitch, of course). I do not have an overlock/serger and am a beginning sewer. I appreciate any suggestions you can offer.

    1. Jalie patterns are very good about being able to use a regular sewing machine if a serger is not at hand. There are also good videos on their website that show how to sew stretch fabrics on a regular sewing machine.

      Both of the fabrics I used here can be sewn with a regular machine, but it's vital to use the right type of needle. Usually a Stretch type, probably size 75/11 or maybe finer (65-70). I ALWAYS do stitch samples on stretch fabrics, and pull the seams until they break, or not!