Monday, August 17, 2009

Kids Undies

I finally bought the kid's undies pattern from that*darn*kat that Dawn blogged about and made my first pair. They're so cute!!!

These are made out of an old T-shirt, and some of the red cotton/lycra from this top. I ended up sewing them entirely on my sewing machine, not using the serger at all. There are two rows of zigzag because when I did the first topstitching I started too close to the seam and had to do another farther away!!! But I actually like the look.
I'm definitely making more of these for DS1. This first pair is actually size 2, which I did just to see how it went. Maybe if DS2 starts potty training soon he can wear these! One can only hope!!!

Jalie 2804 & 2805

I didn't expect it would be so long before I wrote another post; unexpected things happen. We were also away for several days, and had visitors over. So, before all that, I was trying to get all my sewing done!
The Jalie tops finally got done, and I'm pretty happy with the results; just a few small adjustments and that should be it. Here's the 2nd version of Jalie 2805.

I'm not sure about the small folds by the armpit. They seem to go away when I raise my shoulders a bit! Maybe I need to increase the shoulder slope a fraction more?
Then here are 2 more tops, Jalie 2804. The first one has the modesty panel, but I didn't bother on the 2nd; it seems fine without it as the neckband is very taught.

The red is a pretty firm cotton/lycra fabric, and the polka-dot is lycra as far as I know. I got it in the remnant bin at C&M Textiles. These tops are great right now, especially as we've finally got the usual summer heatwave going on right now. But *UGH* I can't stand the humidity!

I did also manage to sew that pair of shorts for my husband, KwikSew 3421, more or less as a muslin that he wears around the house and back yard. He has some favourite MEC shorts that he's had for years, so I decided to try and copy some of the detailing on those using the same shorts pattern as a base. More on those later.